“Constitution Gone,” Says McReynolds

February 19, 1935 from the New York Times   Justice Extemporaneously Voices Sharp Dissent of the Minority on Gold.   REPUDIATION HE ASSERTS   Referring to Nero, He Says New Deal Congress Strips Us of ‘the Very Fundamentals.’ WASHINGTON, February 18, 1935. — In an extemporaneous speech bristling with scorn and indignation, Justice McReynolds, delivering …

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Currency Destruction Chart 5-2-2002

Currency Destruction Chart 5 31 02 The link to chart shows that world’s experience with fake, aka “fiat,” money for the period 1950 to 1990 has been a disaster for ordinary people. You can be certain the money is all fake because real money does not have counterparty risk. Argentina, on this writing 5/31/02, is …

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