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Larry Parks testifies before Hon. Ron Paul , MD. and US Congress.

Dr. Parks' testimony

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Most Christians, Jews, Catholics, and Muslims know that the Bible and other teachings forbid the type of financial system we have now. In the last century, Christians saw the honesty of the financial system and "the money issue" in moral terms. Churches led the way, and local politicians on up to the President of the United States responded with legislation and a return to an honest and fair financial and monetary system

Te kind of money we use is a moral issue. Commodity money is in conformity with the Eighth Commandment:

“Thou Shall Not Steal,”

And Leviticus 19:35 & 36 which states:

one should not falsify weights and measures.

Honesty in business dealings is considered consistent with holiness and with moral law. Fiat money violates the Eighth Commandment and the admonition that one should not tamper with weights and measures.

Because it is used for future payment, money is said to serve as a store of value. The generation of fiat money, which is produced without work—how much more work is involved in producing a $100 bill as opposed to a $1 dollar bill?—dilutes that which has been saved and that which has been promised for future payment. It is the same as stealing.




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